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I founded the design studio Woodscape by Winther to be able to use my creative skills in a different way.

The main purpose for me is to create unique sculptures for people, who enjoys the tactile feeling of wood. In the design process it is important, that there is a
playful approach to the ideas. Structures, lines and organic materials of nature has always been the inspiration for my work. The ongoing motivation is the dynamic
relationship between colour, form and movement.

My new approach, being more design focused originates from my visual art. I did a museum show, where I gave the visitors the possibilities to influence and shape the daily expression and form of the show.

The work consisted of 300 wooden plates, all with a format that could be transported by children and adults. Each format of the plates where unique and all the  painted forms where in the same colour scheme. It gave everybody the possibility to create their own piece of art, alone or together The exhibition changed very day depending upon the people going that day. Looking at the constant change of the expression that arose, I asked myself, if it could the possible to give form to a personal sculpture, that had the same values in the search of an artistic expression.


Working in the field between art and design, my aim is a to make design that hands over the artistic ownership from me to the owner.